“To escape fear you have to go through it, not around it.”
― Richie Norton

I was sitting at the edge of the swimming pool watching my husband  enjoying with my son and daughter. I wanted to jump in and join in all the fun they seemed to be having but water has always terrified me. So I sat by the edge of the pool with my legs dipped in water feeling morose. After their swim my son came up to me and asked me- Mom why didn’t you join us?  We had such a great time. I answered-” Darling mommy is scared to jump in. She doesn’t know swimming. And he so innocently said- Why don’t you learn swimming mommy? That way you never have to be afraid anymore.

I have always been fascinated by people who could swim like fish. Every time I went for beach vacations I looked enviously at people who just jumped in the water and swam carefree and joyously for hours together. But somehow I was never been able to overcome my fear of water and learn swimming. For years I kept making excuses to avoid learning swimming.

His statement was an eye opener. My son- a 5 year old had taught me an important lesson that day. I take my fear head on and face it- that way I will never feel afraid.

Today as I came out after a nice one hour swim with my son I am glad I decided to face my fears. I feel a renewed sense of confidence knowing that no fear is greater than my will power to overcome it.

As kids we are so fearless but somehow in the process of growing up we let our natural confidence and curiosity be curbed by fears. I was able to over come at least one of my fears. What about you? Are you ready for the challenge?




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