As I sat in the plane ready to take off it all started to sink in finally. The enormity of my decision dawned on me. Few months ago when I gave an interview for a job in Dubai just for fun, little did I know that my life would change so drastically in a matter of couple months.

As the youngest member in the family I have always led a very protected life. Having a sibling who was 8 years older to me I was totally cocooned against all evil in this world. My only experience of being alone were the school picnics to Aarey Milk Colony or Fantasy Land. In my 25 years of existence I had never had an opportunity to travel or stay alone. I know sounds impossible but then that was me. Needless to say I was always thrilled at the idea of staying in a hostel or being alone. I envied all my b- school friends who lived in the hostel away from family. They always seemed to be having fun and parties.

So when  a consultant called me with an opportunity to work in Dubai, I grabbed it with eagerness and enthusiasm which couldn’t be compared. Getting the offer letter was the easier part of the battle, convincing my family was the toughest thing I have ever done (so i thought back then….of course being a parent now my definition of tough things has changed). But finally I was off…to limitless possibilities, freedom. I was super excited and time flew rapidly all in flurry of activities. I barely got time to think- visa process, shopping, winding off my work here there were list of endless activities which needed to be done.

But as I sat in the plane myriad of thoughts were whizzing in my head. For the first time in life I was going to be all alone. I knew no one in Dubai and had no one to call on in case of any trouble.I was sorely missing my family – my mom and dad and my sister. I wanted to run back to them. Of course there was excitement as well – of a new life and new adventure which awaited me but there was underlying sense of fear and anxiety.

Today when I look back I am glad I embarked on that adventure. Dubai will always be special to me- its a city which gave me a lot- lot of friends, lot of learnings and my husband. Working and living in Dubai was the best thing that could have happened to me. It made me resilient and independent. Its a city which taught me to love new adventures. Its a city which made a woman out of this girl.



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