No better therapy than a heartfelt chat with your girlfriends. After planning for one whole year, we actual decided to catch up. Of course I wasn’t sure it would happen till it actually happened. A lovely Sunday afternoon spent on 7 hours of non-stop chit chatting and light banter. I came back all refreshed with energy of a teenager suddenly- I was feeling alive and invigorated.

Set me wondering what was so special about yesterday. What struck me was that somewhere in my day to day routine I get so wrapped around in playing different roles- role of a mother, role of a wife, role of an entrepreneur I forget all about the little girl inside me. This little girl wants to enjoy, giggle at silly nothings, eat without worrying about weight- she wants to be free for a short time. And yesterday’s meeting with my girl friends unlocked and set that little girl free.

None of us discussed our problems, our issues – instead we discussed all trivia. We reminisced about our college days and just gossiped to our hearts content. This is exactly the kind of break I needed from routine.

I have promised myself that wherever I am and however busy or stressful my life gets- I will take time out to meet my girl friends every once in a while. It might be brief meeting but I think I owe it to the little girl still trapped somewhere inside me to spend time on girls, gossip and gupshup.

Life can get hard and stressful every once in a while but it is these small moments which make you cherish life.

“Let’s swear each with our pinky
We’ll be the best of friends
Until we are old and wrinkly!”




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