Have you ever said something to someone spontaneously and regretted the moment you blurted it out?  I keep envying people for being able to say whats on their mind the moment they think about it, however horrid it might be for the other person to hear. But I guess many times remorse can follow when you say things that you mean without wanting to necessarily hurt others.

I have this dear friend who seems to have mastered the foot in mouth syndrome. She manages to say the most hurting things with a finesse of doling out compliments without blinking her eyes. Needless to say I have been a victim of such comments on a few occasions. But I know that she doesn’t mean to hurt or annoy people- but she likes to call spade a spade. I have always wondered what do I like better- sugar coated bull crap or this brand of honesty.

I think there is a very thin line of demarcation between” honesty” and “insensitivity”. When honesty suits you- its a compliment but when it doesn’t then it becomes a harsh and insensitive comment which leaves a scar.Why don’t we like hearing truth all the times? Why do we prefer fake and superficial compliments over genuine comments however negative they are? I keep wondering about it many times.

Over a period of time I have realized that I prefer this brand of honesty to fake sugar coated lies which people dole out at all times. I take the truth and work on it to improve myself- I believe it helps me achieve personal growth. If it wasn’t for this dear friend and her comment on my weight, I would not have lost 20 kgs.

Are insensitivity and honesty two sides of the same coin? What do you guys think? Please do leave your responses in the comments. Would love to hear opinions on this one.





One thought on “Is there any difference between being insensitive and being honest?

  1. We can be honest without being insensitive.do we really need to express our views,feelings or responses to anyone and everyone around us.blatant comments can make people cut a very sorry figure for themselves at times.is everyone strong or open to such criticism.everyone processes it differently.honesty is appreciated in relationships that matter to us.there are times and matters where it advisable to be upfront and brutally honest.For people who always have their foot in the mouth I would rather say..mind your own business and just go to hell.

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