“My god you have changed so much since we last met”my friend exclaimed. It set me wondering why do we get so amazed at changes around us. Change is the only thing which is truly constant in our life. Everything around us keeps changing all the time . Day changes to night, seasons keep changing- even man made things like products keep changing to be relevant to current times and still we continue to be amazed at any change around us.

I guess it is our inability to observe small changes which leads this amazement when we see a massive change.Because bit by bit everything around us is changing everyday and so are we, we might not realize it but when we look back one day we notice that suddenly everything is different.

Few years ago I wouldn’t have imagined leaving the security of my job to start something on my own. But as I plunged into unknown it took me through a tough but beautiful path. Today that journey has changed me forever and made me what I am today.

We all like to shy away from change, maybe even run away in another direction because change is essentially facing unknown. And like they say known devil is better than an unknown one. Its easier to walk on tried and tested paths but the unknown roads are the ones which lead to beautiful destinations.

So this New Year lets try and change our lives – maybe even a small thing in our life to make it better . What are you going to start with? Please do leave your response in comments.






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