I had just landed in Luxembourg- quaint and beautiful in all its glory. European summer is so amazing- parks buzzing with families enjoying the weather, trees green and lush, butterflies. Its straight out of fairy tales. This was my first impression of Europe as I stood in the balcony looking out at the park in front of our apartment. The park was buzzing with people doing hula hoops, kids playing joyfully on slides and swings, families doing barbecues.But the star attraction was the duck pond- with kids clamoring to feed the ducks.

Coming from Mumbai- one of the busiest cities in the world, this was quite a sight for me. In Mumbai life has become so hectic that there is hardly anytime to enjoy these small pleasures in life. Its a concrete jungle with high rises and buildings everywhere. Of course that has its own charm. But I loved seeing this slow pace of life where you take time to drink in those beautiful moments and nature around you.

Being a small town people were incredibly friendly. It wouldn’t be uncommon to find someone stranger smiling and wishing you or someone rushing to help you with bags because you are carrying a baby. This again was something which I have never witnessed in Mumbai- pleasantries in the middle of the day are non existent. We are so used to running around completing tasks and rushing back home that we have forgotten these small pleasures in life.We have forgotten the warmth we feel to just receive a smile from complete stranger or  a small helping hand in our hectic day- its suddenly makes you believe in all good things.

I have moved to several places over past few years but I love to think about Luxembourg and remember that life isn’t only about achievements , goals and schedules to be followed. Its about spending these lovely lazy moments with loved ones -making time for what matters. These are things which make sweet memories.

When I look back now, all my memories are associated with such beautiful moments. Back in my childhood when life was not so full of devices and not so hectic- I remember my  dad taking me to a pond to show turtles and our family building sand castles on Dadar chowpatty. My memories aren’t full of my achievements but full of these wonderful moments.


With devices taking over face time, I hope I am able to create such beautiful moments for my kids.



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