My love for furry friends or rather their love for me dates back to times when I was a little girl. Must have been when I was around 6-7 years old. Most of my friends were already cycling with ease which can be acquired only when you are born with a cycle. So here I was struggling with trying to stabilize the two wheel monster between my legs with unsuccessful attempts.

I have always been clumsy tumbling down even while walking on a straight road and this was a cycle. I was wobbling trying to balance myself and suddenly I see this furry creature sitting in the middle of the road unaware about the eminent danger. And then it happens, my cycle tramples the poor creature’s tail.Before I know this cute furry creature transformed itself into a ferocious demon and invited 15-20 friends to avenge him. Within 5 minutes I suddenly went from a  amateur cyclist to a super fast Olympic level contender.

That marked the beginning of my story with canine kind. Time and again in life they kept  showering their “love” on me and chasing me either alone or in groups. I think I must be pretty irresistible to have this effect on them. My love-hate equation with them went increasing as time passed by.

Latest one was a few years ago when I had stepped out to buy some snacks. It was a deserted lane when he spotted me. I must have stirred some interest in his otherwise boring and insipid day because he instantly changed lanes and started walking behind me. So I increased my pace a tad bit, but so did he and before I knew i broke into a trot and his nose touched my legs. After that it was all hell break loose- I ran straight into the arms of a lady walking down the street.

I guess I wasn’t exactly the prince charming she was expecting to walk in her arms, she tried hard to break free from my tight hug, but I persisted. She said that it wasn’t her dog but then I really didn’t care. To me she was an angel send by Lord above to save me from that furry monster chasing me. Finally when she was able to free herself from my embrace she managed to feed biscuits to the dog and I went my way.

Today when I was waiting for a lift in my building suddenly a huge dog pounced on me. I seem to have that kind of effect on these furry creatures that they simply cant keep their paws off me. But he did manage to spark some really interesting debate and I did make a nice new friend who has volunteered to help me get rid of this “dog phobia” of mine.  So this age old love story might have a not so sad ending after all.






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