Everyone was quite happy at receiving offers post MBA except me. I was sitting glumly not looking forward to joining work at all. Being a hardcore marketing professional thought of working in a bank was not at all exciting. However job is job and I decided to join anyways. Little did I know that this decision would completely change my life forever.

They say love strikes you when you least expect it. I always wanted to settle down with a boy chosen by my parents within our community. “Falling in love” or such other human follies were not on my list. But God had some other plans for me I guess. I first saw him during our 1 month long training session and instantly disliked him. So hardly love at first sight. However as we worked together in various group activities I slowly started to like him and we became friends.

Needless to say friendship soon blossomed to love. But life wasn’t simple for us. Most of the people fall in love, tell parents and after a bit of resistance from them eventually get married and live happily ever after. In our case it was not so simple and we went through a lot of ups and downs before we could get married and settle down.

As a I look back I think those times were crucial to our relation , cementing a bond which was so strong. I realize now that what I felt then might have been passion but love I guess is what we feel for each other now. We have seen best and worst of each other, accepted it and still want to be together. Even today my husband is the only one with whom I can share my innermost secrets without any hesitation. After 12 years of togetherness he is the only one with whom I can talk for hours together without getting bored.

I am not sure if I see stars and moons when I look into his eyes but I surely see a bit of me there. I think we have reached a point where we don’t need words and constant love proclamations to feel the love we have for each other. Its there in every actions, its there when we silently support each other, its there even in our fights…..Isn’t that all love is about? Being in harmony with each other helping create a small world for yourselves within that bigger world.

A small decision can sometimes change your life and I am so glad I joined the bank.



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