I am sure this will resonate with at least a few moms if not all. Just the other day someone was commenting that being a entrepreneur must be quite tough and promptly I replied that it was a piece of cake in comparison to being a mom. I think being a mom is the most challenging and toughest thing I have accomplished and the challenges continue.

Few side effects of being a mom as I see them

  1. Every other mom in the world seems better than you. Its amazing how being a mom is synonymous with doubting everything you do at every instance
  2. Everyone else suddenly seems more well groomed as compared to you. Gone are the days when I spend hours grooming myself for a meeting , painting my nails to match my dress. Just a few days ago I was running late for a meeting thanks to the fuss my toddler threw up while having her breakfast. I stepped out of the house to realize that I was wearing bathroom slippers. Thank God I didn’t land up in a meeting wearing them.
  3. Whatever I do in the day and wherever I am I keep thinking out my kids through the day.  It’s almost as if my heart is walking outside my body.
  4. You will  dread silence…Whenever the house is silent there is a big trouble lying ahead for me for sure. Last time when I heard no noise from my kids for about 10 minutes, one had poured flour all over herself and other had displayed his artistic talents on the wall.
  5. You will suddenly start appreciating your mother and mother-in-law. Raising kid is no small job and hats off to them for doing a great job
  6. You will see a great boost in your patience levels. I keep wondering how I manage without pulling my hair out all the time.
  7. From being a woman you will suddenly become a master chef, doctor, cleaner, driver, teacher…..Being a parent is being all this and so much more.
  8. Things like natural calamities , terror attacks will leave you unperturbed. Your little tornadoes will whet up your appetite for action
  9. You will have emotional roller coaster ride everyday- From being worried , fearful, upset, happy all in a day’s work
  10. Despite of this you will not want to trade this job for anything else in the world.

Hats off to all the mothers which keep doing this tough job everyday without expecting anything.



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