Man and woman praying as they sleep

Wanting a partner who was not a creep

She wanted someone as sweet as honey

Better still if he had pots of money

He wanted someone who didn’t care if he was poor

Who loved him even without any money for sure

She wanted a man to make her feel like a Queen

Better still if he could cook and clean

He wanted someone who looked cute

Better still if she was deaf and mute

She wanted someone handsome and strong

Who would listen to her stories short or long

He wanted a girl who will not nag him with her stories

Let him play his sports and hang out with his buddies

She wanted someone who will never let her go

His love will slowly and surely grow

He wanted a girl  to accept and let him be

Not keep him chained but set him free

God in heaven above is going crazy

Trying to meet such demands is not easy

Finally he decides to not to attempt not even try

Men from Mars women from Venus if you have an issue then please have a good cry!!!


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