Now for most of the people this phrase evokes memories about the most adventurous things they have accomplished in their life. But for me it gets a little literal- this phrase. It takes me back to my college days when fire decided to play a little with me.

Being a chemistry major I spend several hours of my day back then in Chemistry lab. If anyone has ventured near chemistry lab they would know that ammonia and  acid smells aren’t exactly the most inviting fragrances enticing you to spend your day in.

On one such particularly tiring day, my mind was wandering to college canteen, to the cute boy I had met in the morning and was hoping he would ask me for a date and to a relaxing evening. It was everywhere but in the lab. Though I was performing my routine experiments , I skipped the whole bit on instructions which our professor was ranting about lab safety. We were always instructed to tie our hair safely in plaits or buns so as to avoid any accidents, but on that particular day I had left my riot of curls all open in their awesome glory.

I was heating some chemicals in a test tube on the burner when I suddenly started to feel hot. I was wondering that happened suddenly and turned to ask my lab partners about it. Without any warning they burst out in uncontrollable fit of laughter. Just as I was trying to decipher this absurd behavior, my friend shouted “your hair!!!” and I realized that my glorious curls where on fire. Quickly my friends helped me douse the fire but my hair was a mess.

Being a teenager you can imagine my mortification at having my hair in mess and of course becoming famous in an infamous way. Anyways eventually my hair did grow and life of course didn’t end there. But the event did leave a long lasting impression on my tender mind.

Even today wherever I go, I never miss any safety instructions- be it on plane or in play zone I make sure that I always follow safety instructions to the T


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