I was going through some old photographs yesterday while cleaning my drawers and I found one of me and dad. It was a lovely photograph of two of us dancing when we had gone for a brief holiday. I still remember that day vividly I wanted to go sight seeing but my mom wasn’t feeling too well. I was a little grumpy and then we ended up dancing and enjoying in the resort. Without really explaining anything my dad made me realize that we can have a good time anywhere provided we want to.

My dad was not very expressive. Unlike mom I don’t remember times when dad would have told us ” I love you” verbally. But he was always there for us when we needed him . I don’t think my dad missed a single PTM of mine or a single annual day function. He always found time to take me for inter school elocution competitions. When I look back now I realize that love is not only in elaborate verbal declarations but in silent support you give someone. I think my dad taught me that just by being there for me.

My most fond memories of childhood are of the times when dad used to take me to the local temple and then to market to buy groceries. Every once in a while we used to have berries or ice cream (without telling mom of course). During these trips my dad used to tell me many stories and we used to argue about so many things- like why we can’t cut our nails on Saturday? and many such weird customs. He always listened to me and even argued about scientific angle to such customs.  It was with him I learned to question the world around me and logically analyze things .

It’s been 7 years since he has passed away . He was my sounding board when I was in a dilemma.  Time might heal the pain and I might have got used to life without him but I still miss him sorely. Every time I go through tough times I know my dad is around telling me that I am his strong girl and can make it through this.

I don’t think I ever said this to him while he was alive as much as I should have but I really love you dad. Thank you for being there for me always.

“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure”


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