My granny lay on the hospital bed looking so weak and frail. She was paralyzed and doctors had told us that she might not be able to come out of this.  It was during month of March and my cousin sister was appearing for her board exams. So my mom & aunty could not come and stay with my granny in hospital. My mom and her sister were school teachers and it was exam time so again they were unable to sit in hospital. My grandfather alone could not lift my granny and get her to do all her activities. And we finally had no option but to rely on nurses in the hospital. We were  in despair about the situation but had no other option.

Next morning my granny had passed urine in her bed and my grandfather was scrambling around to find nurses.After searching all over he came back exhausted and disappointed.However he was surprised to find my granny all fresh. She was changed and so was the bed clean. He was wondering who it was when a nurse came and touched his feet. He did not recognize this lady, so he stepped back and asked her who it was. She looked at him and said, ” You might not remember me but my mother used to work at your house about 15-20 years ago. One day I was unwell and blazing with fever that time your wife had given my mother some money and asked her to rush me to hospital. If it was not for her I would be dead. Her timely help had saved my life”. She had tears in her eyes as she said, ” Don’t worry she is my responsibility. As long as she is here I will take care of her like my own mother.” And true to her word she was there for my grandmother like a daughter.

I was just 10 years back then but this incident left such a huge impact on my mind. No words could have made me realize better the value of a kind deed. Kindness indeed does come back to you in some form or other. We keep talking about good people ending up last. But goodness is definitely rewarded though late.

“Remember there is no such thing as small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end”- Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert comic strip)



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