Priya came from a simple middle class family. Her parents wanted a boy when she was born so maybe that’s the reason why she was raised almost like a guy. Except for her looks nothing about her was like a girl. She was aggressive and confident and her independent streak could intimidate any guy around. To top this she was also determined and brilliant. Love and Priya were poles apart- there was no time for love in her life. Her goal was to be successful and then settle down with any boy her parents wanted her to.But God had some other plans in mind for her.

Priya smiled as she examined herself in the mirror. She was satisfied with what she saw. Today was her first day of her job. Post MBA she had secured herself a job with one of the top notch banks in Mumbai. First month they were put through an extensive training program after which they would would be send to different cities for their final posting. Priya did not like being late so she left hurriedly to ensure that she reached in time. She reached the venue well before time for their first session and spend sometime getting acquainted with her new colleagues. They must have been half way through their first session when she heard a husky voice say, ” May I come in? I am sorry I am late. Lost my way. I am new to this city” . This is the lamest excuse I have heard she thought to herself.

She looked up to see who the new comer was. He was quite tall, easily around 6 feet , well built- could be easily categorized as handsome. She was thinking of what a sexy voice he had when suddenly he landed next to her and said, “Can I sit here?”pointing at the empty seat next to her. She nodded her head and he sat next to her.  During the break he introduced himself to her. His name was Sanjay and he came from Delhi. He had just landed today morning and the notorious rickshaw driver had taken him for a ride around Mumbai before depositing him near the training center.

Sanjay was a nice and helpful guy always ready to help everyone around him. He was very good at financial studies and was easily recognized amongst his peers & superiors for his intellect. Over a period of time Priya and Sanjay became best of friends. Their nature’s easily complemented each other. She had a huge temper whereas he was calm as an ice berg. She was aggressive and dominant however he didn’t seem to be intimidated by her. Sanjay had started liking Priya a lot. She was unlike any other girl he had met before. She was smart and challenged him instead of fawning all over him. She had a great sense of humour and time seemed to fly easily when she was around. His day started with her and ended with her. But he knew that this relation was not possible. He came from an orthodox family and they would never accept Priya as she belonged to a different caste.

Priya too had started liking Sanjay. He was different, she was not awkward cracking jokes or even arguing with him. He didn’t mind admitting he was wrong when she came up with better arguments. He was kind and fair and everything a girl would want. But…..she had decided that she would never fall in love. Was she falling for him?

It was the last day of training and it was time for final placements. Priya was placed in Mumbai with Corporate Banking Team and Sanjay was placed with Treasury in Delhi. She didn’t want him to go to Delhi. She was very sad but how could she admit it. Sanjay didn’t want to go but this was for best. Since this relation had no future maybe this was for the best.Finally they bade goodbye and parted ways.

Priya’s parents were now keen for her to get married. They wanted her to go and meet eligible guys. This was what Priya always wanted but she was not happy anymore. Every guy she met she compared with Sanjay. She missed him  more than she wanted to admit. And though they were still in touch, he also never indicated that he liked her any more than being a friend. She knew that she was in love with Sanjay but maybe he wasn’t. After all they said when you love you let go of a person and if he comes back then he belongs to you else he never was.

One day Sanjay announced that he was getting engaged to a girl chosen by his parents. Priya was heartbroken. She congratulated him and pretended to be happy but her heart was crying. Next few days she immersed herself in work. She tried telling herself that she had a life before Sanjay came into it and she would go back to being her old self. But it was not easy , her life was irreversibly altered now.  Her parents and friends could not understand her behaviour, she neither ate well nor spoke much to anyone. She was losing weight and had started looking frail. Her parents wanted her to marry but she kept refusing every guy she met under flimsiest excuses.

Sanjay on the other hand was trying to come to terms with this decision he had taken. His parents had finalized this girl who was daughter of a family friend. Mala was a doctor, good looking,from his caste & came from a well to do family. He should be the happiest guy in the world but somehow he was unhappy. His mind kept wandering to Priya- her talks, her beautiful eyes and lovely curly hair. He missed their calls. After he had told her about his engagement she had stopped calling him or even receiving his calls.  He looked at his engagement ring and wondered what he should do. He tried talking to his elder brother. He had married out of caste and faced a lot of issues. But elder brother advised him that given the nature of their parents this was for the best. He tried talking to his dad but then he wouldn’t even hear him out.

Only 2 weeks were left for their wedding now. Sanjay was terrified at the idea of spending his whole life with Mala. He couldn’t get himself to connect with her emotionally. He knew clearly now that the only person with whom he would be happy was Priya. So he finally gathered courage and told his parents that he couldn’t marry Mala. He told them about Priya . What followed at his house was far worse than his expectations. But he was determined. He called Mala and informed her and apologized for his behaviour. She abused him and threw a tantrum but he knew what he was doing was right.

He reached Mumbai and tried calling Priya but as usual she wasn’t attending his calls. When he reached office Priya was not around. He saw her best friend and asked her where he could find her. Initially she refused to tell him but then she told him that Priya was meeting a “would be prospective groom” at a restaurant next to the office. Sanjay rushed there to find Priya sitting opposite to a guy , all smiles.  He instantly felt a rush of jealousy.

Priya was startled by a familiar husky voice saying ” Hello beautiful!!”. Priya looked at him and exclaimed , “What are you doing here Sanjay? Aren’t you getting married next week?”.  I am Sanjay replied but only if the girl agrees and saying this he bend down on his knees and said, “Priya I was a fool to let you go. I have broken off my engagement with Mala. I have loved you for a while now. I don’t care anymore if my parents agree. All that matters is that we are together. Will you marry me?” Priya’s eyes filled with tears as she nodded and said “yes”.

“Mama, did Sanjay’s family finally agree?” . “Of course stories always have a happy ending when you find your soulmate”  said Priya. “Now off you run to your Dadi (dad’s mother)  else she will go out without you”. Priya smiled as she saw her daughter run off screaming Dadi.

“You meet thousands of people but none of them touch you. Then you meet someone who changes your life forever”












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