Recently I had an interesting debate/discussion in one of the many whatsapp groups that I am a part of. This one was the whatsapp group for building residents. Ours is a huge complex housing over 900 residents- one of those modern condos which have sprung up in the city with all kinds of amenities like gyms, tennis court, football court and so on. In our complex we have all kinds of interesting mix of people living- some are business owners, some are CEO’s and even celebrities. So the debate started off with this celebrity (Mr. X) who’s very famous and lives in our complex- star attraction of our complex.

The debate sparked off with an interview which Mr. X recently gave in one of the popular tabloids. He was complaining about not having any private space to himself. Even in the place which is his home (our complex) he is hounded by people even while playing football with kids. So immediately two groups formed one defending him saying that he is right and everyone has right to personal space and another group which thought that this is bound to happen given the profession he is in.

I personally am of  the opinion that life and the way it shapes up is dependent on choices that you makes in life. I chose to be an entrepreneur and this decision comes with its own set of consequences. Life is not easy as a start up entrepreneur, you are a one woman army many times- I couple as delivery woman, washer woman and so on.But I am not complaining since this is a life I chose for myself. Imagine a doctor refusing to answer calls in middle of the night saying this is impeaching on his personal time. He wouldn’t be being extremely fair to his profession and maybe won’t be so successful in longer run.

So when I read the article I thought to myself, if I were a celebrity and no one hounded me at all it would be fairly alarming for me. Maybe I would start doubting my celebrity status. It is people who watch movies and make stars who they are. And one of the aspects of being in such a glamorous profession is being hounded. It’s as much a part of actors life as it is for a doctor to be hounded at night and for a entrepreneur to do everything. Then why do we crib when we are faced with consequences of our choices.

Every choice we make in life would naturally have positive and negative consequences. One of the positive consequences of an actor’s life is the fame and money which comes with it. So when Mr. X enjoys the fruit of positive consequences why should he shy away from the negative consequence – having less privacy and being hounded. When making choices in life we often forget that we should be responsible for everything that comes along with that choice.

Anyways our debate did not have any conclusive answer. But what do you guys think? Please do leave a comment – would love to know thoughts on this one.




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