This story dates back to many many years ago…Maybe relevant even in today’s time because men I think are still searching for answer to this question “What women really want?”

Long Long time ago there was a very handsome man called Shankar. He was strong and handsome and desired by women across the kingdom. He held a very important position in the king’s court. But his heart was set upon the beautiful dancer in king’s court. Her name was Urvashi. True to her name she was truly an angel from heaven- beautiful, kind and a graceful dancer. The best part of her beauty was her smile and her twinkling eyes. After a lot of persuasion she finally agreed and they decided to get married. The whole kingdom celebrated their marriage.

The first few months post marriage were a picture of joy and happiness. Shankar used to work hard at the court while Urvashi cooked, cleaned and kept his house neat and clean. She stopped working as a lead dancer in the court since Shankar was not happy with his wife dancing in front of others. Urvashi was a little unhappy about this since dancing was her passion but such a small sacrifice was nothing compared to the love she felt for her husband. Shankar being the “man” decided everything in their household. He decided the clothes Urvashi wore and whom she talked to. She was very beautiful and he did not like her talking to other men or even venturing out of her house.

Now Urvashi’s life was restricted to home and Shankar. Though she loved him dearly and he was a good man who loved her back, she was not happy any more. She missed her old carefree days and the adulation she received for her talents. She missed her friends and the time they spend together gossiping about amazing things in the court. Her heart craved to go out in the open but she kept this to herself for the fear of invoking her husband’s wrath. She stopped smiling much and her eyes lost their twinkle.

Slowly something strange began to happen, bit by bit Urvashi started turning ugly.Her hair started turning grey, her face became wrinkled, her lips became twisted. Both of them could not understand what was wrong. Shankar was shocked to see this transformation in his beautiful wife. They went to every doctor in the kingdom but no one had any answer for them. Shankar was miserable and their household had become a picture of gloom and dread. The house which was happy just about an year back was now dark and gloomy.

One day Shankar was returning from another kingdom when he met an old woman on his way back. She looked at him and said, ” I can help you….I know why your wife has turned ugly”. He was startled since he had not shared his problems with this woman. Suddenly hopeful he looked at her and said, “Please tell me what I can do. I am ready to do anything to make her beautiful again” . The old woman said , ” You need to find the answer to the question- What women really want? and then come back to me. You need to find this answer in 6  months or else your wife will turn ugly forever”. Shankar thanked her and embarked on his journey to find the right answer.

He went to every knowledgeable person in the kingdom. One said, “Women want loads of gold and money”. Off ran Shankar to meet the old woman and told her the answer. She nodded her head and said, “No this is not the right answer. Come to me when you find one”. So off ran Shankar again. After discussing with other men he returned to the old lady and said, “Women want good looking and strong husbands”. The old woman again said, “This is a wrong answer. Go and find the right answer”. Meanwhile Urvashi was turning uglier as days passed by. Seeing her Shankar was determined to find the right answer. He consulted the king and returned back to the lady. He said “Women want happiness of their family”. The lady smiled and said, “But this is also not the right answer. You are running out of time. You have only 10 days left now”.

Shankar was truly desparate now and did not know whom he should turn to to find the right answer to this question. He was sitting by the pond staring into it feeling sad for himself.When suddenly a small girl came running around behind a butterfly. She was very lively and beautiful and caught Shankar’s attention. She came to him and said, “Why are you so sad?” . Shankar told her his story and said. “I still am searching for the right answer”. Girl looked at him and said, ” But this is so simple I think every girl would want to live life the way the want”. Before Shankar could say anything the girl was gone. Shankar knew in his heart that he had found the right answer. He went running to the old woman and said, “Every woman wants to live life as she desires and on her own terms”. The old woman suddenly turned into a beautiful goddess and said, “Go home now and think and let me know when you want your wife to be beautiful- daytime or night time”

Shankar was in dilemma now if he chose daytime then he would have beautiful wife in public but an ugly wife at night for himself. But if he chose other way round then he would have a ugly wife in public and a beautiful one to himself. He was still pondering over this when he reached home. Urvashi was waiting for him. He looked at her and knew what he should do. He narrated the story to her and said , “I will let you decide what you want. Do you want to be beautiful in day time or night time”. Moment he said that the goddess appeared and said, ” I am glad you have realized that though she is your wife she is her own person too. God bless you both. She will always be beautiful” And saying that the goddess disappeared. Urvashi was back to being her beautiful self and Shankar had realized his mistake. He no longer restricted Urvashi from doing what she wanted and they lived happily ever after.

Moral of this story is that if you stop women from doing what they really want and pursuing their passions Things can get ugly!! So cherish the women in your life and appreciate that they are people with feelings , emotions and passions just like you have.

Cherish a woman and enjoy beautiful life forever!!!


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