Woman’s Day is finally over now. I assume so because I no longer saw updates about Women Empowerment or snaps of women partying hard. After all this was their day and they could officially let their hair loose. Nor were there those “modern males” wishing their female friends and wives “Happy women’s day” on Facebook while munching on breakfast made by their wives while they were reading newspaper before office. All the various offers targeted at women are over as well. “Treat your self to spa and get 20% off”, ” Celebrate your woman hood and buy one and get one free”. Of course being a business owner I am guilty of using this day to increase my sales as well.

Yesterday we had a small get together in our complex. It was fun- we ate a lot, had a great time and I actually met quite a few people who I know only virtually. But this whole celebration bit had me contemplating a lot. Over past few years I had a privilege of meeting some amazing women across the globe. Some mothers, some house wives, some working but all of them awesome in their own unique way.But I have realized that it is women who are judgemental of their own kind and not men. One mother will wonder about other mother’s upbringing. If you find a working mother you will see some woman thinking “No wonder her kid is such  a brat. She’s never at home” or a working mother might be thinking about a housewife- She’s never worked. No wonder she’s such a douche” A mother-in-law despite of being a woman herself can’t appreciate and understand the issues her daughter-in-law faces.

As a women why can’t we accept that everyone is unique and appreciate our choices. Most of us are so conscious of the judgement others are passing on us that we constantly keep doubting ourselves and our choices. Instead of being united, we are divided by the very differences what we should celebrate. Around us we see marketers taking advantage of this self doubt and marketing all kinds of products- apply this and look fair ( dark is not good), eat this and become slim (fat is not good), apply this lipstick to have nice pouting lips ( no other lips are good enough), use this spice to make your husband eat at home ( cooking is the only way to keep your husband at home). So many stereo types around us using and fueling our constant self doubt.

Imagine the power we would unleash if we stopped judging each other and work collectively to break these stereotypes.  Life would be so great if women actually learn to appreciate the tremendous power they have – they bring “life” on earth and that makes us “special”. The day women realize this then everyday would be a “woman’s day”






One thought on “Reflections on being a woman

  1. Well written… I agree that we women are judgemental about other women… If only we focus on our inner strengths and nurture it instead of wasting it on being judgemental each day will be Womans day in true sense..

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