Today I was cleaning the closet with my mommy and I came across tons of sarees she had purchased but never wore…she had set is aside for some special occasion. And now she’s old and not quite well and she probably never will get a chance to wear those beautiful sarees again. As I looked at those sarees I wondered – how many things in our life we put aside for a better time and some we end up doing and some maybe we never do.

Is there a good or right time to do anything? When I was dating my boyfriend ( now husband) I realized that our friendship had graduated to another level but I was waiting for either him to confess or a better time to tell him what I felt. Finally one day after many sleepless nights and miserable moments I decided to call him at 5 am in the morning and tell him what I felt. Maybe it wasn’t the best of times but I felt good after I confessed my feelings and of course rest is history- today are happily married for 7 years.

Few years ago I needed a small break due to personal issues but I was too scared to talk to my boss about it. I kept waiting for the “right time” when we had lesser work pressures or when he was in better mood. Finally one day I decided that worst would be that I will lose my job and I went ahead and explained my issues to him. And guess what it wasn’t that bad. He understood and supported me in taking the break and of course my career wasn’t impacted and I survived.

Is waiting for right time an excuse for us for facing our fears head on? Maybe a way to avoid facing things which we really don’t want to. Time is simply time, going on its own pace. We make it good or bad by our actions and reactions. We keep pushing aside big and small things waiting for right time but fact is that no time is as right as now and no moment is as good as now. As they rightly say, “Past is a history, future is a mystery and present is what we have”

In my life the most important lesson I have learned is that don’t wait for any special occasions or right time to do anything special. Make the now special by doing special things now. Time and tide do not wait for anyone so its important to make most of the time you have. Don’t make time as an excuse to mask your fears.

” Time is always right to do what is right”




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