Wanted a bride lovely and fair
Together we should make a dashing pair
Whether our thoughts match who cares
All I want is a bride lovely and fair
But wait only that would not do
She needs to know to cook too
Clean my house and love my parents
Then run for me all my errands
Her ambitions and dreams are not my worry
After all she only has to cook my curries
She needs to raise my kids to be good
While I act like a totally cool dude
Everywhere we develop and progress
Then why to such silly customs we regress
To call such unfair tie- up a marriage
Instead let’s stand up and show some courage
Let’s focus on inner strength and beauty
Let’s not just think about her doing her duty
Think of her as your soulmate
Two hearts joined together by fate
Give her wings to fly and set her free
Watch your life fill with happiness and glee


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