Met some in school met some in college

Many of you aren’t even my age

Met some in yoga and zumba class

With some in drowned my sorrows over wine glass

All scattered everywhere around the world

We might not be meeting often in real world

But all of you are special to my heart

Though life might have made us far apart

Each one of you has touched me in some way

So let me use this special day to say

I miss and love all my dear friends

Distance can take us apart but friendship never ends

Independence Day

It’s our Independence Day today

Everyone is celebrating it with happiness

For me it’s just a day like any other day

Messages of patriotism exchanged on what’s app

And flags purchased at traffic signals

The moment the day is over back to the same crap

Again we go back to our lives dismal

Independence has lost its meaning

We forgotten we have stopped believing

Independence from corruption and bribery

Freedom from thoughts which let’s us believe that crime against women is bravery

Freedom from evil which breeds racism

Be it colour or talks of religion

Freedom from evil which creates divide

Fight that war which rages inside

We need to understand Independence and it’s true meaning

To make our world a better place we need to keep trying


Honking cars puffing lots of smoke

If you move even an inch consider a lucky stroke

Roads full of pot holes and bumps

As thrilling as riding on a camel hump

Suddenly a pedestrian jumps on the street

Trying not to kill him is not an ordinary feat

If that’s not enough there are cows and dogs too

Crossing coolly oblivious to vehicles too

Drivers inching ahead aggressively

Are they this competitive genetically?

Dodging mumbai traffic is like winning a war

For doing it everyday I deserve an oscar

Finding yourself

You are not just the brand you wear

Nor are you defined by being dark or fair

You are not the shape and size you come in

You are about your individuality and not how you fit in

You are not what circumstances make you

You are defined by how you overpower them to get through

You are not about the your success and things you failed at

But the experiences in the process you amassed

Don’t define your self by things people think you can do

Because your limits can only be set by you

Search deep inside and to yourself be true

And then suddenly you will find the real you


What is marriage one day my daughter asked?
Spending lifetime with one person seems like a daunting task
Loving someone in good times and bad
Accepting their flaws without getting mad
Can someone really be an answer to my prayers?
Penetrate through all my layers
Smiling I answer her queries
Asked her to shed all her worries
Compromise is not something you can live with
So marriage being a compromise is a myth
It’s a friendship and bond for lifetime
A relation to rely on anytime
Partner is someone who completes you
Provides you vision to see world with a new view
Your differences are your strength
Not a reason for dissonance and dissent
Give your self completely to the one you love
And see miracles which you never heard of
Spending lifetime with one person might be a daunting task
But with right person this question you will never ask

Hiding under a Mask

Under the mask we hide our pain and fears
Smile on our face while our heart might tear
Why do we need to keep on this mask
Isn’t it easier to be ourselves one might ask
No one likes to live like a sham
But will people like me for what I am
Laugh and the world will laugh with you
Cry and there will be no one around you
People like fearless , tearless and smart
Of hiding my insecurities I have mastered the art
But under the mask is a vulnerable me
Wanting to drop the facade and be free
At least for now I will keep my mask on
Be my friend and one day real me you might chance upon


She had imaginary friends all her life
He never had friends but lived with imaginary tribe
Being teased as long as she remembered 
She never revealed this she never made that blunder
He too locked it deep within his heart
Never shared with anyone this part
They searched their whole life for their soulmates
Someone to whom they could reveal their secrets
Then they passed each other right by
With their masks in place hiding their desolate sigh
They are still searching for their true love
Only if they drop the masks they would know