Pursuit Of Happiness

Happiness isn’t something you can buy

But being happy gives you wings to fly

Some try to find it in their success

Some in their pursuit of money relentless

Some think power is the only way

To make happiness with them stay

But like a butterfly it eludes everyone

The more you chase it the more it runs

Happiness isn’t something you can buy

But being happy gives you wings to fly

Happiness is coming home to loves ones

Happiness is flowers blooming in morning sun

Happiness is walking in the first rains

Happiness is never being alone again

It manifests itself in small things of life

Still we ignore these small joys

Happiness isn’t something you can buy

But being happy gives you wings to fly


Dark clouds surrounded me
Tried to find my way but I couldn’t see
I wanted to give up I wanted to let go
Life was at it’s all time low
I tried to fight my way through the storm
As much as I tried I couldn’t be calm
God’s love I couldn’t feel anymore
My ship was drowning and I couldn’t find the shore
I didn’t believe in any miracles
But God’s ways are mystical
Just when I wanted to let go
Just when I thought life was at it’s all time low
He showered his love in form of a miracle
God’s ways are truly mystical
In his arms he led me through the storm
Out of problems I came unscathed unharmed
Every problem has a solution
Don’t lose your faith and devotion
God showers his love in form of miracles
His ways are truly mystical

Nature’s wonders

Sky adorned with a beautiful golden glow
Beckoning you to Relax and take it a little slow
Waves splashing against the golden sands
Picture perfect as if God has waved his magic wand
We rush from one job to another
Small pleasures in life we don’t bother
Nature in all its glory offers many pleasures
But we never seem to find time for leisure
Lush trees dancing in summer breeze
Colourful flowers blossoming in spring
Setting sun painting the sky in its hue
White clouds dotting the sky clear and blue
All these pleasures are their for us to enjoy
But nature is what we chose to destroy


Different & Unique

Everyone claims to be different and unique

Hoping to be noticed is what everyone seeks

Some claim to have exceptional ability to speak

Some know the negotiation trick

Logical bent and analytical skills for some

Problem solving skills for some

Client handling some can excel at

Data analytics, maths and stats

Everyone claims to be different and unique

Hoping to be noticed is what everyone seeks

I am unique in my ability to learn new things

Happiness is what learning new thing brings

Problems do not scare me a bit

I am not the one to easily quit

If attitude is what makes a person unique

I would let my attitude and work speak


Being a parent is not the easiest task

We keep hiding our failures and fears under a mask

It means lot of sleepless nights

Being a referee to so hundreds of sibling fights

It means hours and hours of cleaning the mess

And dealing with tantrums and restlessness

Being a parent is not the easiest task

We keep hiding our failures and fears under a mask

It means answering a barrage of questions

Right from vehicles to mysteries of digestion

Wiping their tears when they fail to achieve

Making sure they don’t lose courage and in themselves they believe

Being a parent is not the easiest task

We keep hiding our failures and fears under a mask

All of us pass through the same struggles

Wonder why still we get into competitive haggle

All of us seem to have the same goal in life

Raising great kids for which we all go through strife

Being a parent is not the easiest task

Lets not keep hiding our fears under a mask

Lets all appreciate that everyone is trying their best

How to be good parents seem to be everyone’s quest




Parenting Rat Race

As I scan through my FB timeline I see a lot of parenting posts. Achievements of kids, snaps of awesome first birthday’s, kids academic success, working mothers lamenting their woes and having their take on how their working inculcates positive message to the kids. You will suddenly see lot of comments applauding and lamenting women on their super human efforts in raising kids and managing the households. On the other hand you would see equal number of articles and FB updates about SAHM ( Stay at home mom- they have found a jazzy abbreviation for that too!!!). About their greatness in sacrificing their careers and sitting at home and raising kids.

Now as a mother, a SAHM and an entrepreneur I have been through all these stages and come to the conclusion- working mom or SAHM parenting is not easy.”Parenting” is an enormous responsibility which dawns on you only once when you have kids. I think its only after I became a mother that I majorly started appreciating my mother- in- law suddenly from being a monster-in-law she started seeing more human. Raising kids is by no means an easy task and every phase of their growing up has unique challenges . Every mom in the world would surely vouch for this. I don’t know about others but I can surely say that I keep evolving and learning from my experiences. I keep failing too- on more than several occasions and I am not ashamed of it. I think my kids need to realize that parents are human beings and can make mistakes too. I want them to grow up not being ashamed of their mistakes but with an ability to learn from their mistakes and evolve.

I somehow think parenting was easier back then- during my childhood. I don’t remember my mom making a dash to put a snap of my first haircut on FB. Or trying to force me to learn cycling courtesy some other mom’s FB post. In fact being socially connected is awesome. I love being connected to so many of my old school friends and getting glimpses of their lives through their FB posts but it also has its own drawbacks. Do we keep posting exotic pictures and achievements of our kids for praise from some random people who might never have seen or interacted with your kid. This whole FB culture has created a new breed of parents trapped in “Parenting Rat Race” where everyone is trying to out do others. It might have been happening in a small way earlier but fact that we live in connected world has made is worse now.

Everything from kids first bday to his first day at school is online and on social media. His achievements (mind you not his failures!!!). We put their best snaps again mind you not messy ones for everyone to comment. Are we so starved for attention? Do we really need constant approval?And how do you think this impacts kids? I believe most of them would grow up wanting to achieve things to show others or wanting constant approval on their achievements. Are we breeding over competitive kids thanks to this new breed of over competitive parents? When I right this let me assure you I have been guilty of following all of this as well.

Honestly when i was growing up my mom scolded me about bad grades or bad behavior but I was left on my own for prolonged amounts of time. I didn’t go from one activity to others to learn skills.Though my mom cared about me she was not obsessed with me and I guess I have not turned out bad ( at least I say so…..).

Maybe we need to let the kids be and stop this parenting rate race. Stop this obsession with finding activities for kids under names of multiple intelligence and may such sophisticated words. We should let the kids be so that they can discover their true personalities and learn to be happy without constant need of approval from others.



Reflections on being a woman

Woman’s Day is finally over now. I assume so because I no longer saw updates about Women Empowerment or snaps of women partying hard. After all this was their day and they could officially let their hair loose. Nor were there those “modern males” wishing their female friends and wives “Happy women’s day” on Facebook while munching on breakfast made by their wives while they were reading newspaper before office. All the various offers targeted at women are over as well. “Treat your self to spa and get 20% off”, ” Celebrate your woman hood and buy one and get one free”. Of course being a business owner I am guilty of using this day to increase my sales as well.

Yesterday we had a small get together in our complex. It was fun- we ate a lot, had a great time and I actually met quite a few people who I know only virtually. But this whole celebration bit had me contemplating a lot. Over past few years I had a privilege of meeting some amazing women across the globe. Some mothers, some house wives, some working but all of them awesome in their own unique way.But I have realized that it is women who are judgemental of their own kind and not men. One mother will wonder about other mother’s upbringing. If you find a working mother you will see some woman thinking “No wonder her kid is such  a brat. She’s never at home” or a working mother might be thinking about a housewife- She’s never worked. No wonder she’s such a douche” A mother-in-law despite of being a woman herself can’t appreciate and understand the issues her daughter-in-law faces.

As a women why can’t we accept that everyone is unique and appreciate our choices. Most of us are so conscious of the judgement others are passing on us that we constantly keep doubting ourselves and our choices. Instead of being united, we are divided by the very differences what we should celebrate. Around us we see marketers taking advantage of this self doubt and marketing all kinds of products- apply this and look fair ( dark is not good), eat this and become slim (fat is not good), apply this lipstick to have nice pouting lips ( no other lips are good enough), use this spice to make your husband eat at home ( cooking is the only way to keep your husband at home). So many stereo types around us using and fueling our constant self doubt.

Imagine the power we would unleash if we stopped judging each other and work collectively to break these stereotypes.  Life would be so great if women actually learn to appreciate the tremendous power they have – they bring “life” on earth and that makes us “special”. The day women realize this then everyday would be a “woman’s day”