Relationship with self

Yesterday I was watching this movie, where loss of child leaves relationship between husband and wife completely shattered. It got me thinking about relationships as such.  Our happiness and our fulfillment in life comes from having healthy and happy relationships and it’s necessary to understand them and the role we play in them as such.

Most of us have several relationships in our life- with parents, partners, spouses, colleagues, and so on. Through these relationships we express ourselves. These experiences then make further way for beliefs which in turn govern our actions. In fact 95% of our behaviour is controlled by experiences we had as a child. We many times unknowingly get triggered to unleash a fearful and hurt child with us & we do not even realise this most of the time. Same is the case with others and knowingly & unknowingly we hurt others & ourselves.

Hence it’s important to tell that kid inside you that’s it’s ok and then heal yourself and love yourself before you can have totally healthy and awesome relationships. We need to accept our role in the issues, and take locus on control within ourselves instead of blame game. We need to correct our relationship with ourself to have fulfilling relationships with others.

Relationships are not just need fulfillment but about discovering yourself and your ability to love yourself & hence sharing that love with others.

When you love yourself, loving others becomes very easy.

Being a woman

Some say I am a beautiful
Some like me for being dutiful
Some say I am quite tough
Few even say I can bring them luck
Some say I am strong as a rock
Steady whatever might be the shock
Some say I am brave as a knight
Whatever is the problem I can fight
Some think I quite different and unique
Few say they have not met like me many
But no one asks what I think about me
Because that’s all I ever want to be
I don’t care for looks or charm
Nor do I want my dazzling beauty to disarm
I am just trying to be best version of me
From the shackles that bind me break free
I don’t care if you like me or not
Or if you think I am not so hot
My beauty transcends beyond my looks
Or even my ability to cook
My strength is not about the fight I put
But about how through every situation I transmute
My real strength is my ability to love and give
It lies in my ability to be kind and forgive
You can love me for what I am or hate me for what I not
My self-worth is not bound to your thoughts
I am a woman and amazing one at that
Love me for what I am and for you thousand battles I will combat

By Preeta Sanjith

Search for happiness

People spend years to find happiness and it eludes because happiness isnt a destination but journey in itself. Happiness is a way of life and not some moments which you try and enjoy in your life.

Over past few years I have experienced tremendous personal growth. But path to this was through some seriously bleak and unhappy moments in my life. This journey has been from inside out and has completely transformed the way I think about life. I spend years trying to find my happiness and peace outside, I kept chasing goals and material success but I didn’t find what I was searching for. I got tired, stopped searching and looked inside me and that’s when I found all the answers I was seeking.

Lasting happiness can come only when you connect with your inner divinity.And the only way to connect to it is by embodying the virtues of divine. Love, kindness, creativity, seeing beauty, abundance , being receptive and expansive in your thoughts process. The moment you deviate from these, you disconnect with your source and happiness eludes.

Do things which bring joy and fulfillment from within and you know you are connected to divinity.Game of life is simple of you play it by it’s rules.

Be happy….

Death.. I fear you not

Why fear death when we all deep inside us know
It’s a natural destination to life’s flow
The same hand that made flowers and trees
Will guide me where I really need to be
The same power which made oceans and seas
Will surely know how to steer and guide me
The loving hand which made desert and sand
In this unknown realm ,surely hold my hand
The hand which made me is loving and kind
Then why do I cry and look behind
Why shed tears when there should be celebration
Death is the journey of souls liberation
It’s a manifestation of souls deepest desire
To be one with the divine energy and power
I do not regret or fear death anymore
This is where my ship meets it’s shore
It’s not an end but just a new start
Let it not invoke any fear in our heart

By Preeta Sanjith


He said I wish I could be a housewife like you
And laze around whole day as there is nothing to do
I smile at him and wondering what to reply
Then I ask him do you know the criteria to qualify
Being a five star chef is must for the role
Italian, Mexican , Chinese and even chicken rolls
You need to be an expert at secondary research
You never know what schools projects make you search
Are you an expert driver a bit of a Schumacher too
Drive kids on time to school, classes and even zoo
Your negotiation skills need to be top class
Dealing with kids is not an easy task
Fantastic at house management you must be
Nothing runs on its own for free
Doctor, friend, philosopher at times
Can you in your pain muster a smile
I asked him do you think you qualify
He said he didn’t even want to give it a try
This job can be done only by someone like you
Because no one can be as amazing as you

By Preeta Sanjith

My shero

When I saw her for the first time, the word that came to my mind was sunshine. That’s exactly how she was, smiling bright and full of life. She did parlour work in my society and someone had recommended her to me. She had a very very small frame, almost that like a 10 year old but she was a mother to a 10 year old.

She started coming to my house regularly for parlour work and her sunny personality soon made her a part of our tiny world. On one such day, she had been out since 8am working and she landed at my place at 2 pm. I insisted that she had lunch first before we proceeded to do any work. I served her lunch and she asked me to reduce portion sizes to unbelievable quantity. When I mocked her for eating like a mouse, she said she can’t eat because she doesn’t have an eosophagus. She showed me a string coming out of her nose, which till that date I thought was some kind of fashion accessory.

Fee years ago she was suffering with pneumonia and doctors which treating her had accidentally destroyed her eosophagus. She had been hospitalized for 3-4 months and now she could not eat large quantities of food. This was the reason for her small frame. She lost all her weight, she underwent painful procedures every once in a while.
I was shocked to hear this story. It blew me away completely. Here I was cribbing about petty problems in my work and society and here was this lady, who was suffering but neither did her words nor did her disposition ever gave that away.

As if she understood what I was thinking, she said it’s not so bad imagine I could have died and then who would have looked after my son. God gave me a chance to live and it’s for a reason and I am not going to sit and nope and waste it. I don’t know what future holds for me but I am going to make most of my today.

With that she started working with the same fervour she always does and with the same bright smile she always had.

That day I learned that we have an option to look at problems as problems or look at them as opportunities given by God to bring the best out in us

By Preeta Sanjith

To believe or not to?

Every adversity brings with it seeds of equivalent advantage. And and we can transmute that into physical reality provided we have faith and belief which is unshakable.

Are we ready to put everything we have to stake to achieve what we want? Because winners have faith and are willing to risk it all. Because higher the risk greater is the reward. Most of the people give up when faced with constant adversity on their path to their dreams. But those who persist and persevere and the ones who actually achieve them. World is full of examples of people who have achieved what they believed and even overcome their obvious disadvantages …then what is stopping you?

Nothing but you..Limitations only exist in our minds …. if we believe their are no limitations then nature will find a way to defy even the toughest adversity…..Helen Keller left her mark on the world despite of her blindness.

Burning desire to the point it becomes obsession and right intention can make miracles….miracles only happen to those who believe in them?

So we can choose to believe in miracles or choice to live a faithless existence..what do you choose?