To believe or not to?

Every adversity brings with it seeds of equivalent advantage. And and we can transmute that into physical reality provided we have faith and belief which is unshakable.

Are we ready to put everything we have to stake to achieve what we want? Because winners have faith and are willing to risk it all. Because higher the risk greater is the reward. Most of the people give up when faced with constant adversity on their path to their dreams. But those who persist and persevere and the ones who actually achieve them. World is full of examples of people who have achieved what they believed and even overcome their obvious disadvantages …then what is stopping you?

Nothing but you..Limitations only exist in our minds …. if we believe their are no limitations then nature will find a way to defy even the toughest adversity…..Helen Keller left her mark on the world despite of her blindness.

Burning desire to the point it becomes obsession and right intention can make miracles….miracles only happen to those who believe in them?

So we can choose to believe in miracles or choice to live a faithless existence..what do you choose?



People can say some really mean things
It can hurt and to our eyes tears bring
Like wilful and cold winds in winter
Words can sometimes cause despair
Spoken words cannot be a foundation
For your persona’s internal validation
We can’t base our accreditation
Based on someone else’s perception
Imagine how unfulfilling life will be
Changing as per what other’s think of “me”
I want to build my foundation on solid rock
Not get affected when others mock
Internal validation is what I seek
To some I might look as a freak
When my sense of self goes on to rise
To the negative talk I become wise
When I build the base strong foundation
It cannot be shaken by attacks of whole nation
Stop seeking validation from the world outside
Everything you need is within you deep inside
All the answers your heart already knows
Believe in yourself and your heart glows

By Preeta Sanjith

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Mirror Mirror on the wall
I don’t want to be the fairest of them all
Neither do I want a prince handsome & tall
Instead I want an ability to get up after I fall
Whether I hurt or fear or run into a wall
I want to set goals and achieve them all
Mirror Mirror on the wall
I don’t want to be the fairest of them all
I want to face my fears big or small
Even when life throws curve ball
Whether I run or walk or crawl
I want never to let my self halt
Mirror Mirror on the wall
I don’t want to be the fairest of them all
Neither do I want a prince handsome & tall

By Preeta Sanjith

Faces of God

If God had a face I wonder how it would be
I start thinking and let my imagination run free
God would look like a great artist I think
After all he created such wonderful world in a blink
His creative energies can be seen in everything
From cold winters to beautiful springs
God I think is incredibly beautiful inside out
Look around you and know this without doubt
God looks like a person who is extremely kind
Someone who creates can’t be any other way inclined
God I think would look like my mother
Can life giving source look like any other?
Full of love creating and nurturing life
Loving others even when going through strife
God I think is like richest businessman
Always abundant and has grand expansion plans
But above everything I think God looks like me
After all I am an integral part of source energy
Within me I have creativity, love , kindness, abundance
All negativity is simply unnatural & redundant

Preeta Sanjith

5 ways to build mental strength

Most of us always concentrate on building our physical strength. We also work at gaining knowledge but we neglect building our mental strength which is very important to leading a fulfilling life. Of course life experiences and dealing with them is a good way to increase your mental strength but then there are things which you can incorporate in your daily life to become mentally calm and stronger:-

1) Do at least one thing which you are not able to currently. This could mean learning a new skill which you think you are not good at or increasing intensity of something you are doing
2) Overcome at least one physical challenge. It instantly allows you to know how much mental capacity you have
3) Forgive yourself for something which you blame yourself . We don’t realise how much we criticize ourselves.
4) Forgive someone who isn’t even sorry for what he/she has done. This requires immense amount of mental strength and helps having instant peaceful and calming effect
5) Accept that everything is not in your control and learn to let go. Letting go requires more strength than resisting most of the times.

” Mental strength is about believing when nothing is right ”

By Preeta Sanjith

How to tackle behavioural interviews?

“A job search is like a marathon. You can’t cut corners on preparation & expect to cross the finish line in record time”

All those who are in the market looking for a new job, would agree that preparing for a job interview can be a nerve wrecking experience. Job interviews are like first dates – good impressions count, can be awkward & outcomes are often unpredictable. There are a wide variety of interview styles all designed to understand your skill sets & what you would be like as a potential employee when hired.

Behavioural interviews” is among the most popular interviewing style adopted by most of the top corporates. It aims to understand your attitude & competencies for the present job by understanding how you responded to different situations in the past. So instead of asking you about yourself, the interviewer will ask how you tackled specific scenarios. The point is to see if your personality and skillset within a work environment matches who they hope to hire for their open position.

Behavioural interview questions are often tricky and require much more than a yes or no answer. Usually behavioural interview questions are more specific, more probing and more focussed to the problem on hand as compared to normal interview. As a candidate you will need to prepare “stories” which address specific competencies needed for the role you are interviewing for.

Now let’s look at a few tips to work on these interviews: –

  1. Do your homework about the company and the role that you are interviewing for & the competencies & cultural or value match that the company is looking for while hiring for the role. For eg: – For a leadership role, they might access your competency in team management or decision making, For a sales role, they might access your ability to deal with rude clients or ability to handle pressure.

  2. List your past experiences to highlight the competencies & attitudes that you think are relevant for the role. Write down your examples in STAR FORMAT– the Situation or Task you had to resolve, the Action(s) you took, and the Results of the situation. Use specifics, such as people, places, scale, and scope, and quantify as much as possible.

  3. Practise telling these stories to a friend or a mirror so that you can refine them even further. Make sure the stories are crisp and impactful

  4. Use time effectively. Interviewers gauge you in the first few minutes & use remaining interview to support their conclusions. That means if there is a message you need to deliver, express it as soon as you can in the beginning of the story

  5. Maintain a balance of honesty and authenticity, while still answering the questions in a way that the interviewer will feel confident in their decision if they choose to move forward with you.

Most important is to be confident and calm during the interviews & remember that there is no right or wrong answer in a behaviour interview.

Wishing you all the best with your job hunt.

Lost youth

I look in the mirror and a stranger looks back
I search for the beautiful young me
But this stranger in the mirror smiles back at me
On her body life seems to have left it’s mark
Her hair are no longer thick and dark
Few strands of silver are starting to show
The skin seems to have lost it’s youthful glow
Her eyes no longer shine with excitement
But instead have compassion & contentment
I start feeling sad for the lost youth & years
Unknowingly my eyes start shedding tears
Lady in the mirrors smiles and says kindly
I might not be anymore young and lively
But I love the strands of silver in my hair
These allude to colourful experiences I can share
I love the lateral growth in my body shows now
It’s a sign that to create magic of life I was endowed
My skin no longer has youthful glow
But it tells tales of compassion and love
Don’t fret for the lost glory of youth
Because your body shows signs of growth
You have evolved to being a better you
Body tells tales of what you have been through
I look in the mirror and I see newer better me
I am no longer searching for the younger me

By Preeta Sanjith